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An interview with director of short film Artificially Intelligent, Ben Lister, here

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Six-Shooter (2004)


Martin McDonagh would go on to greater success with his two feature films In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, but his debut short film, Sic-Shooter is simply put, not very good. Brendon Gleeson, stars as a man who, having just recently lost his wife, meets a young and clearly mentally deranged fellow on the train home (RĂșadhri Conroy). The morbid sense of humour that would prevail on McDonagh’s later films is evident already, as is the Tarantino-esque sense of violence, but unfortunately the film falls flat largely due to Conroy’s performance. It’s central to Six-Shooter‘s success, yet it’s such an abrasive, alienating portrayal that the viewer simply wants him gone from the screen from the first moment, ensuring the film never manages to build to any emotional or comic conclusion naturally.