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아가씨 [The Handmaiden] (2016)

Review of Park Chan-Wook’s wonderful The Handmaiden for Buzz Magazine

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Basic Instinct (1992)


Basic Instinct is classic Paul Verhoeven, delivering the most preposterous of films with the most knowing of smiles. All of Verhoeven’s subtly take the piss out of their clichés and propositions whilst wholly inhabiting them; just as Total Recall was a pisstake of filmgoers’ wish-fulfilment fantasies, so too was it a wish-fulfilment fantasy; just as Starship Troopers was a pisstake of militaristic and fascistic messages in war movies, so too was it a militaristic war movie. Basic Instinct takes the piss out of American cinema’s lifelong hyperventilating fear of (and moth-like attraction towards) female sexuality onscreen, whilst also being a film about a cop (Michael Douglas) who evidently is utterly terrified of and attracted to potential serial killer Sharon Stone. Cue famous bush-flash shot and a noir plot so hardboiled you could break Raymond Chandler’s nose on it, and Verhoeven’s still back there laughing at the absurdity of it all.