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WOW Film Festival: Those Who Jump + The Future Perfect (2016)

Reviews of the two wonderful films, Those Who Jump (Les Sauteurs) and The Future Perfect (El futuro perfecto), at WOW Film Festival for Buzz.

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Relatos salvajes [Wild Tales] (2014)


Produced by Pedro Almodóvar, Damián Szifrón’s anthology film shows flashes of the same macabre sense of humour, albeit with a much more openly socio-political slant. Centring around six tales of revenge and the result fallout, Wild Tales, like most anthology films, does dip and peak in quality. In its lesser moments, it mostly commits the crime of being forgettable or mediocre, but at its best, such as the ‘Bombita’ segment in the middle where parking tickets and casual bureaucracy conspire to drive a modest man to insanity, the film is brilliantly funny and cutting. Worth a look.