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The Towering Inferno (1974)


At two hours and 45 minutes, The Towering Inferno is way too long and wastes an incredible cast on having them mostly look either stoic or worried for that length of time. Nevertheless, it is a solid action spectacle, ably directed by John Guillermin and producer/co-director Irwin Allen, both of whom keep the various complexities of the storylines and the geography of the 135-floor skyscraper in clear sight at almost all times. The actual action sequences haven’t dated much either, with the special effects still entirely believable, including the model of the skyscraper. In every era Hollywood has loved to churn out overlong, bloated spectacles, but The Towering Inferno is just about one of the better ones. But let’s not forget that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released in the same year. It cost just a tiny fraction of this, and you could watch it twice over in the same time.


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