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Female Trouble (1974)


A masterpiece of high trash from the king of high trash. Pink Flamingos may be John Waters’ most infamous work, but Female Trouble is the more cutting, more acerbic and more intelligent film. Where Pink Flamingos set out to destroy respectability by virtue of being blatantly explicit, Female Trouble wraps the insanity into a plot and characters that serves to make a pointed and jet-black indictment of middle America’s hypocritical values. Divine was never more glamorous, luxuriating in her movie-star power, whilst the jokes and the sheer preposterousness of the film just keeps on coming.

Added note: I saw the film in a 35mm print in The Cube microplex in Bristol, with the best crowd possible, cheering, whooping, laughing and applauding the film throughout. Perhaps the best single experience I have ever had in a cinema.


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