Film Reviews, Short Review

Shutter Island (2010)


Martin Scorsese has always cribbed from pulp influences in his work, be they gangsters, vigilantes, or madmen, twisting them towards his own personal ends, but Shutter Island is quite confidently one of his most thunderously over-the-top and preposterous films—a pure pulp B-movie buoyed by big actors and a big budget. The plot is majestically twisting (and finely tuned to the point where it can be read completely coherently in two ways) and Scorsese’s handling of it is loaded with style and enthusiasm. Most of the performances are excellent too, even if Leonardo DiCaprio does overexert himself as per usual. Finally, Shutter Island features plenty of men standing in trenchcoats in the rain smoking cigarettes, and I’m always a sucker for that.


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