Film Reviews, Short Review

Sexy Beast (2000)


Of the litany of post-Tarantino, post-Guy Ritchie British gangster flicks in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s, featuring Kray-derived cockneys, plentiful swearing, and healthy doses of black comedy, Sexy Beast remains one of the freshest and most inventive, undercutting all the showy machismo such films love to wallow in. Though the plot is little more than your standard ‘one last job’ schema, it is brought to life by three pitch-perfect performances; a tender, relaxed Ray Winstone, a gloweringly slimy Ian McShane, and of course, an utterly unhinged Ben Kingsley. Though Sexy Beast isn’t nearly as endearing after Kingsley takes his bow, the first two thirds of the film are brilliantly funny. It’s difficult to believe it took Jonathan Glazer fourteen years to make the fantastic Under the Skin after such an entertaining first feature.


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