Film Reviews, Short Review

Total Recall (1990)


Taking on the themes of Christopher Nolan’s Inception a good two decades before every teenage wannabe film student’s favourite director tackled it, Paul Verhoeven crafted an intelligent and deft science-fiction film in Total Recall. Arnold Schwarzenegger does his thing, but Verhoeven harnesses him in such a way so as to flesh out the whole Arnold persona beyond its usual one-note one-liner functions. Certainly, the way Total Recall challenges the notion of wish-fulfilment in the movies whilst also being exactly that puts it firmly within the framework of Verhoeven’s style, whereby his films subversively become the thing they satirize (see: Starship Troopers). It’s perhaps a little too heavy on endless action and running down corridors at times, but it still remains a smart and entertaining science-fiction film.


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