Film Reviews, Short Review

Basket Case (1982)


No-budget ‘80s horror is a prime area for finding films that fall firmly into the so-bad-they’re-good ground, and Basket Case very nearly does. No film about a bloke who carries around a murderous unintelligible blob in a basket case made on $35,000 is going to be a technical masterpiece. Yet beneath the ham-fed amateurish acting and the ketchup-strewn special effects there is a genuinely endearing film; director Frank Henenlotter has a real feel for the grimy underside of early-‘80s New York, giving Basket Case a rough-hewn, ugly air that suits the splatter-fuelled material. Alongside the Freudian subtext revolving around sexual liberation and familial rejection, the film is filled with enough knowing humour and sincerity that it never comes off as hacky or dishonest.


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