Film Reviews, Short Review

Child’s Play (1988)


Coming at the tail end of the wave of ‘80s slasher films that would go on to spawn endless franchises, Child’s Play bears all the hallmarks and tropes of the genre. It’s not particularly original nor is it particularly scary (I don’t think it’s meant to be) but it is entertaining enough and well-made enough to make it a worthwhile time-killer. Brad Dourif voices a killer doll which goes on an absurd rampage (cue knee-level tracking shots all over the shop!) whilst other actors take part in the requisite yelling and screaming. The film mines its inherent absurdity for humour—although not quite as brilliantly as Re-Animator, the pinnacle of ‘80s horror-not-quite-comedy—tiding itself over just enough for a quick popcorn schlock-horror.


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