Film Reviews, Short Review

Alien 3 (1992)


The story behind Alien 3 is arguably more interesting than the film itself: a litany of discarded concepts, ideas and wasted money, only to result in a messy creation where first-time the director was frequently hamstrung by brain-dead studio execs watering down his work. One can still spot David Fincher’s buried vision of a final film underneath the film’s missteps, which range from an utterly not-scary CGI alien (prosthetics every time goddamit!) to an overlong, action-filled second half which is low on actual tension. Yet, in attempting to bring the buried subtext of the series’ mythos to the fore—Ripley’s femininity against the Freudian antagonist, the all-male prison environment of fanatical religious converts, the nihilistic overtones of the all-destroying nature of the alien—the third entry in the series has the potential to be the most intellectually challenging of the series. An interesting but very flawed ‘what-if?’ of a film.


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