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[REC] 2 (2009)


The first [REC] was a fine found footage horror film, perhaps even the best of the genre that followed in the wake of The Blair Witch Project. Certainly its short running time, whiplash pace, and utterly terrifying final scare made it worth the ride, even if said ride was fairly inconsequential. [REC] 2 picks up immediately from where the first one left off, dropping us straight into the midst of SWAT team sent into the same zombie-infected Barcelona apartment we ventured into first time around. Whilst [REC] 2 retains much of the same white-knuckle pace and a few good scares (again, particularly towards the end), it does add in a few too many contrived scenarios as well as perhaps an overdose of exposition, dissolving the original’s atmosphere of panicked confusion in favour of demon babies and exorcisms. Add in an utterly pointless middle section (unless you were in need of a sequel setup of course) and you have a rather disappointing return, albeit one that still works on a purely visceral level, which is enough for returning fans of the first film like me.


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