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Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)


As far as ‘so bad they’re good’ films go, Plan 9 From Outer Space may well be the most enduringly infamous of the lot. The Room might be more incompetent, Sharknado might be more preposterously insane, and there’s surely plenty of forgotten monstrosities that predate Plan 9, but in a sense the cult pastime of watching awfully terrible trash films may well have started with the works of Ed Wood. Nonsensical and grammatically incorrect dialogue, studio backdrops so shoddily put up that you can see the shadows cast by actors appearing against them, and of course, an anonymous lookalike holding his cape up to his face so as to disguise the fact that he is not in fact recently deceased star Bela Lugosi, Plan 9 is just an absolute litany of laugh-out-loud absurdities. There’s a reason why it remains a classic of cinematic incompetency.


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