Film Reviews, Short Review

Clerks (1994)


Clerks is a Jim Jarmusch picture if the characters had no art-school pretensions, or even high-school diplomas. It has all the aimlessness and directionless dialogue of say, Stranger than Paradise (1984), except this time discussions about culture are limited to Star Wars and porno flicks. And it works. Quotable, funny, and endearingly lo-fi, Kevin Smith’s debut feature remains probably his only great work thus far. If anything, the film’s bare-bones of a plot—store clerk Dante (Brian O’Halloran) is unsure whether to date his high-school ex or keep going with his current girlfriend—is actually overplayed, distracting from the best scenes in the film: those where it’s just Dante and best friend Randal (Jeff Anderson) talking crap for ages on end.


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