Film Reviews, Short Review

The Hunted (2003)


William Friedkin directed this utterly awful, gone-off chase film in 2003 at what may have been the absolute nadir of his career. I mean ok, by the turn of the millennium he had been at his nadir for a while, only recently bringing himself back up to his old high standard with Bug (2006) and Killer Joe (2011), both fantastic. But Jesus H. tap-dancing Christ. Benicio Del Toro is a former US marine who goes crazy in Kosovo (another case of the US making a film about how invading a country made their soldiers sad) and then has to be hunted down by Tommy Lee Jones, the man who made him into the monster he is. Psychologically ridiculous, Friedkin here can’t even seem to bring himself to muster up a single decent action scene; what we get instead is the rotting carcass of a Rambo: First Blood copypaste job.


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