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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


Or: Indiana Jones and the Tale of How We’re Sorry the Last One Was So Racist, So Here’s Sean Connery Plus a Script Where We Gave Him as Many ‘S’ Sounds as We Could for a Laugh. The Last Crusade is a return to form and a return to what made the first Indiana Jones such a fun film. Although the set-pieces here are admittedly a tiny notch below the death-defying excitement of Raiders, The Last Crusade also has the benefit of a fine father-son dynamic thanks to the excellent chemistry between Connery and Harrison Ford, plus an attempt to develop Indiana Jones beyond the cardboard cut-out action hero that he is for the first two films. As the film ends, he’s still little more than that, but what little development there is does allow the film to hang together more cohesively than the near-nonsense of Raiders


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