Film Reviews, Short Review

Lincoln (2012)


As far as Steven Spielberg’s historical works go, Lincoln is less preachy or schmaltzy than normal. Indeed it appears in his latter days, along with Bridge of Spies, Spielberg has taken to repeatedly filming men sitting around in dusty rooms talking dry politics. Given that Spielberg is such an astoundingly talented filmmaker and is able to make even this eminently watchable, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but often one finds that his weak thinking and inability to strongly challenge or dissect facts that weakens his historical work, giving it the air of hagiography. And Lincoln is hagiography, but it is fine hagiography. Daniel Day-Lewis is as he usually is, excellent, and the cinematography and fine storytelling is easily apparent. Ultimately however, Lincoln is a little bit too far in awe of its subject to really come to life, as Spielberg’s films very often are.


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