Film Reviews, Short Review

Predator (1987)


Ahnuld Schwarzenegger plays Capitalism, as he is sent into the South American jungle to kill some (presumably Communist) guerrillas. I mean, they must be Communists, as they are shown brutally killing random hostages. Capitalism wins. Later, a bigger threat appears in the form of an alien lifeform, which is presumably Communism itself. Ahnuld beats that too, but it does kill his friends. As far as big-budget 80s action goes, Predator is fairly bland, although well-shot and crafted. Director John McTiernan would do much better work the following year with Die Hard, and the film’s biggest mistake is arguably revealing too much of the titular monster. Whereas the film’s inspiration, Alien, grappled with the brutality of a perfectly evolved predator with no cause for existence other than its own sustenance, the revealing of the Predator here as a sport-hunting, chivalrous being robs it of much of its own existential mystique. Damn Commies.


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