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Pas koji je voleo vozove [The Dog Who Loved Trains] (1977)


Goran Paskaljević’s follow-up to his wonderful Beach Guard in Winter is sadly nowhere near as strong. Although Irfan Mensur again puts in an affecting lead performance, The Dog Who Loved Trains is too much of a mish-mash of half-developed ideas to really succeed. There’s an array of themes bordering on the post-modern, most particularly Bata Živojinović (one of the major stars of late ’60s/early ’70s Yugoslav filmmaking, seen here just about developing a beer belly and a couple of grey hairs) as a travelling rodeo cowboy who claims to have been stuntman for a variety of Western stars; the juxtaposition between his itinerant ‘Americanised’ lifestyle and the more mundane socialism of those he performs to in provincial villages could have made for a highly interesting subplot. Unfortunately, the film fails to seriously latch onto any particular idea with any teeth, resulting in a slight and aimless film, albeit not a terrible one.


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