Film Reviews, Short Review

The Fly (1986)


David Cronenberg’s work is often brilliant, but even at his best, be it Videodrome or Dead Ringers, it can often be a little bit too cold; there’s a precision and iciness to them that makes them easy to appreciate but difficult to love, for they lack in that little touch of humanity. That’s why The Fly is Cronenberg’s best film: it is the most humane of his works, centring around Seth Brundle’s (Jeff Goldblum) transformation from brilliant scientist to disgusting fly-man, pitting him not just against his ambitions as a scientist, but also his tender burgeoning romance with Veronica (Geena Davis). The sense of genuine human tragedy permeating The Fly (and the film is nothing if not a slow-motion tragedy) is what makes it so horrifying and so hard to watch, more so than any of his other films.


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