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Scarface (1983)


Confession time: I first watched Brian De Palma’s Scarface when I was about 16 or 17, at the height of my hormone-fuelled teenage years, and should have been ready and primed to love it…yet I found it boring, inauthentic, and overdramatic. I may not have been a real teenager. Fast forward about five years, and I’m even angrier than I ever was before, except now I’m angry at capitalism and not my parents. Rewatching it today, I now see the real meaning behind Scarface; secretly this is a film about how great Castro’s Cuba is because look! Look at what a shithead Tony Montana is! They don’t have these criminals in Cuba! Castro puts them in prison! But the Americans…noooooooooo, they want the drugs eh? They like the drugs. They make Tony Montana rich. They make him swear a lot too. The naughty boy. Socialism is better off without him!


One thought on “Scarface (1983)

  1. Paul S says:

    Ah, the ’80s – a decade of decadence, of gold-plated platters piled high with cocaine. A time of excess, in which shallowness and superficiality triumphed over peace and love, when money and power was king, when greed was good.
    Michelle Pfeiffer was this decade’s go-to girl, and in Scarface, her character Elvira utterly embodies the American dream, her glacial beauty representing nothing less than the free world to Tony Montana. It pains me to watch Elvira end the film addicted to drugs and money, both of which have destroyed her.


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