Film Reviews, Short Review

Duck Soup (1933)


Some of Duck Soup has dated quite badly in the intervening 80+ years. Frankly, it’s even more amazing that so much of it still holds up today. Duck Soup, like most Marx Brothers films, is little more than a collection of gags and jokes latched onto a nonsensical plot, and well…that’s about it. Groucho is a never-ending stream of one-liners, Chico a never-ending stream of one-liners with an accent on it, Harpo a never-ending stream of buffoonery, Zeppo a never-ending stream of “wait, why the fuck is he one of the Marx Brothers again?”, Gummo a never-ending stream of “wait, he was a Marx Brother?”, Karl a never-ending stream of astounding socio-political analysis, and Duck Soup a never-ending stream of laughter.


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