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Edward Scissorhands (1990)


Like so many of Tim Burton’s films, Edward Scissorhands is all lovely production design and wacky, whimsical, pseudo-gothic visual ideas, but backed up with barely any emotional depth. We are given little reason to care for poor old Edward, played by Johnny Depp in prime ‘I’m-just-going-to-put-some-makeup-on-and-call-it-a-day’ Johnny Depp form, beyond the fact that he’s an, er, social outsider with scissors for hands? None of the supporting actors add anything other than reinforcing the idea of Edward being an outsider, but ultimately those supporting actors are mostly playing characters who are every bit as much of a sideshow as Edward is, so there’s no juxtaposition. Only Vincent Price provides any kind of life (ha!) to the film, and casting Vincent Price is practically cheating. Ultimately, the result is a Tim Burton film like any other Tim Burton film: Disney schmaltz disguised underneath visual imagination and ‘gothic’ outsiders.


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