Film Reviews, Short Review

L’ âge D’or [The Golden Age] (1930)


In which Luis Buñuel attacks the bourgeoisie. Buñuel’s first feature-length film, L’âge D’or remains a totem of surreal cinematic poetry more than eight decades since its release. Decaying Catholic priests, upper-class elitism, and a Jesus-led orgy laid the groundwork for Buñuel’s career-long obsessions, as does a wonderful habit of being able to generate offense wherever he was: it’s difficult to even begin to comprehend how shocking and offensive this film may have been upon release. In an increasingly politically-correct world, where supposedly lack of offense is a prime element of any ‘meaningful’ conversation, Buñuel’s work remains as fresh and iconic as it was on that day in 1930, even if our targets today may be different.


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