Film Reviews, Short Review

Panique au Village [A Town Called Panic] (2009)


Quite easily one of the funniest, most inventive, most surreal films to come out in recent years. To recount the plot at all would be superfluous, all one needs to know is that there are three characters, Horse, Cowboy, and Indian, and they are made of plastic and they go on adventures. A feature length version of a popular Belgian kids TV series, A Town Called Panic is a berserk, ADHD-addled, sugar-rush of a film which doesn’t let up from its crazy schemes and ridiculous ideas from the first frame to the last. Such a relentless energy might be exhausting were it not for the fact that the film is a mere 75-or-so minutes long, a small, sweet candy-stick of a film in a world of overblown conflicts and overwrought dramas.


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