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Ich Seh, Ich Seh, [Goodnight Mommy] (2014)


Between Funny Games, Josef Fritzl, some weird infamous historical figure with a moustache and this film, it seems the Austrians have a thing for sadism. Certainly, this fits in well with my preconceived and almost certainly wrong notions about the country, but I love a good stereotype. In all seriousness, Goodnight Mommy is an expertly crafted psychological horror by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz. The story is that a pair of twins, living in a remote country house become convinced that their mother – recently back from hospital after an unnamed accident  with bandages covering her face – is an imposter, fuelling their pre-adolescent fears. The film treads much of the same thematic territory as last year’s critical success The Babadook (loss, grieving, parent-child relationships) but does so in a much stronger, more focused way, even if Goodnight Mommy lacks a performance as wonderful and versatile as Essie Davis’ in that film.


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