Film Reviews, Short Review

Rundskop [Bullhead] (2011)


With an exceptional lead performance by Matthias Schoenaerts and a unique premise – a film set in the world of the Belgian hormone-dealing mafia, of all things – Bullhead could have been so much better. Unfortunately, writer/director Michaël B. Roskam lacks the grace or the subtlety to make it work. Schoenaerts more or less carries the film on his own back with his wounded, physical portrayal of a man who suffered incredible trauma as a child leading him to grow into a wounded, depressed adult relying on steroids and hormones to validate his masculinity. Unfortunately the over-complicated and largely irrelevant plot distracts from this beguiling central theme, whilst the cold, sterile cinematography and the dull, obvious direction dull much of the film’s impact.


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