Film Reviews, Short Review

Bande à Part [Band of Outsiders] (1964)


More nonsense from Jean-Luc Godard. Anna Karina is forced by two shady quasi-tough guys to help them steal some money from her rich guardians. Both men frequently hit her and hit on her, and she flits between being attracted to them and horrified. Band of Outsiders is reminiscent of both Breathless and Francois Truffaut’s Jules et Jim, neither of which are particularly strong films anyway, though I do appreciate the former’s lackadaisical approach. Godard’s supposedly impressive cinematic rule-breaking again serves as just a cover-up for the fact that he has LITERALLY NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT ANYTHING EVER. There are perhaps two scenes in Band of Outsiders which aren’t utterly boring and pointless; unsurprisingly they have nothing to do with the characters or the plot – they are just little cinematic asides to the main film. An actress of Anna Karina’s quality and charisma was wasted on him.


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