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Re-Animator (1985)


As far as 80s body horror goes, Re-Animator isn’t as visually imaginative as Hellraiser, nor as philosophically inquisitive or emotional heartbreaking as The Fly, but it definitely knows how to have fun. Amidst the absolute nonsense of its Frankenstein-parodying plot, there is plenty of black humour, gory special effects, and some absurdly stupid science. Granted, this is a science-fiction film, but oh Lord the science is hilarious. Re-Animator is a rare breed of horror film; it manages to be funny, silly and entertaining without having to be in the realm of ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ filmmaking – this is a genuinely well-made film and that above all is why it remains fresh today, even if most of its characters have rotted beyond recognition since.


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