Film Reviews, Short Review

A Serious Man (2009)


As writers of dialogue, there are none out there that even come close to the versatility, rhythm, and poetry of the Coen brothers. From the bleak nihilism of No Country for Old Men to the stoner-slackness of The Big Lebowski, from the bored small-town drawl of The Man Who Wasn’t There to the neurotic worry of Barton Fink, it’s hard to think of any other auteurs who have between them so consistently nailed down so many different ways of speaking. A Serious Man is another verbally-razor-sharp addition to their pantheon of masterful films, a film with a uniquely personal and very Jewish bent; it’s brilliance summed by the realisation that no one else could build a whole, already freakishly funny, film around a single punchline which hits in the final minute and still have all the various parts oiled and raring like a prize car.


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