Film Reviews, Short Review

Welcome (2009)


Bilal (Firat Ayverdi), an Iraqi Kurd, has walked all the way from Iraq, across Europe and to Calais with the intention of reaching London to see his girlfriend. He finds himself stuck at the port after an attempt to sneak through in a truck. With no way of crossing, he hatches an almost impossible plan to swim the English Channel, and begins practicing at the local pool where he befriends a swimming instructor, Simon (Vincent Lindon). Welcome is an apt story for our times, when the inherent fascism and racism embedded in Western society for two centuries is rearing its ugly head again whilst the worst refugee crisis since WWII is at its height, the state security of various European nations doing little but ‘following orders’ as if that’s any different from what SS guards claimed to be doing, and our people look away in favour of ignorance and milquetoast suburbia, leaving only the brave few left to fight the good fight. Welcome ought to be seen by a far larger audience.


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