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Before Midnight (2013)


Over the past year I’ve watched all three of Richard Linklater’s Before… trilogy, and always with someone I love very much. With Before Sunrise, we watched it at a period when we were unsure if we were ever going to see each other again, similar to the situation Jesse and Celine found themselves in at that time. With Before Sunset, we were together again, but again unsure of the future, perhaps like the two of them again. With Before Midnight…well, we’re still not quite sure what the future holds, but things are just a tiny bit more stable. Granted, our relationship is different from Celine and Jesse’s what with our journey yet to break even two years, whilst theirs has been 20 years now that Before Sunrise has had its 20th birthday. Yet I can’t help but look to these people and feel as if they’re my friends, and like all good friends, they’re always happy to give you some advice.


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