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葉問 [Ip Man] (2008)


You can pretty much smell the Chinese propaganda dripping off of Ip Man. Highly xenophobic towards the Japanese and perfectly happy to rewrite history to suit its own needs, this biopic about Bruce Lee’s mentor, an icon in China, is flawed from the beginning. The cinematography is nothing to gawp at, using the same “make everything grey to denote history!” colour scheme that all modern biopics seem to do, and the story as a whole is hopelessly melodramatic. With that said, Donnie Yen in the title role is a pretty excellent martial arts leading man, and the film’s fight scenes are solid, if nothing spectacular. Once you cut out the martial arts Ip Man is not one ounce different from any Hollywood biopic of the last 20 years, but then again, martial arts has a way of making even dull films much more attractive.


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