Film Reviews, Short Review

Vivre sa Vie [My Life to Live] (1962)


Jean-Luc Godard is by all means a fantastic filmmaker. His films are filled with inventive and engaging images and techniques, an encapsulation of the formalistic rebelliousness of the French New Wave that he spearheaded. Unfortunately, as a thinker he is an absolute hack, and such is the problem with Vivre Sa Vie. He clearly dearly wants to say something important about Nana, played by the effortlessly beautiful Anna Karina, and he attempts to use his formalistic rule-breaking as a method of cinematically engaging with us on her journey. However, in investigating Nana’s dark journey into the world of prostitution, he finds he has nothing to stay at all about her, petering out with an awful ending that is little more than a cop-out. His protagonist surely deserves a better film, but for all his rebelliousness cinematically, Godard never had the bravery to say anything¬† thought-provoking about his subject.


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