Film Reviews, Short Review

Antichrist (2009)


Like all truly great works of modern art, Antichrist seems to divide opinion completely. However, those that hate it are wrong. It is a flawed work, but flawed in such a way that it merely enriches and enlivens the film. Lars Von Trier’s masterpiece is genuinely terrifying and unsettling, and not simply because of its sadomasochistic bent. Indeed, the infamous descent into madness of the film’s final third is a perfectly natural progression of the mental torture of the first two thirds, and it is every bit as intense as it ought to be because the film spends its time letting us get close to its characters. That is why Antichrist is so painful to watch, and that is why it is such an incredible film – few other films out there achieve this level of catharsis without recourse to cheap manipulation. A work like almost no other.


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