Film Reviews, Short Review

Crna Mačka, Beli Mačor [Black Cat, White Cat] (1998)


Emir Kusturica’s manic, anarchical, wild vision of the Balkans may be rather exaggerated and perhaps even playing up to stereotypes about that wonderful part of the world I call home, but oh Lord, what an ever-infectious vision. We follow a family of Roma who get screwed out of a deal with a local ganglord and war criminal (played with magnificent, coke-fuelled madness by Srdjan Todorovic). With the majority of the film in Romani sprinkled with Serbian, Crna Mačka, Beli Mačor exists on a stretch of the Danube that appears to have come straight out of Kusturica’s fevered imagination without any grounded reality, yet something about the film is so alluring so as to be irresistible. Fellini would have been proud.


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