Film Reviews, Short Review

Scanners (1981)


Very often, it has taken me two viewings to fall in love with a David Cronenberg film. However, in the case of Scanners I have a feeling I won’t be returning to it very soon if at all. It’s an ok film, with the thematic richness and body-pulping special effects one would expect from a Cronenberg film, but unfortunately so much of the film is completely dull. The script is dire and flat as a pancake. The actors are almost completely forgettable, and the film feels as if it is just running through its plot so that it can get to A to B and wrap up. The underlying potential thematic richness – typically Cronenberg-esque ideas about medical experimentation and Orwellian control – is wiped out by a staid film that feels more concerned with exposition and getting to the end of a prerequisite plot than with exploration and characterisation.


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