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Primer (2004)


Well…this is a bender. I love ‘hard’ sci-fi, and Primer belongs very much in that tradition. This is a engrossingly fascinating absurd puzzle-box of a film. Attempting to keep up with what’s happening is half of the fun, the other half being pretending to know what’s happening.  And all this in a film that’s only 77 minutes long and made with $7000. Not a single shot is wasted, not a single moment  gratuitous. And of course, the science geek stuff is probably all complete claptrap, but I loved it anyway. This is a satisfyingly fun intelligent sci-fi film.


2 thoughts on “Primer (2004)

  1. I felt dumb watching this. But also, I feel like this movie tries so hard to be vague and confusing that it didn’t matter whether or not I got it, the movie still had an agenda. Good review.


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